January 2021 WIPs

I have two cross-stitch projects in progress that I would like to finish this year. The first is an Autumn Belle and Boo pattern that originally appeared in the Christmas 2012 issue of Cross-Stitcher magazine.

Here is what it will look like when finished:

If you can’t get the back issue of the magazine, you can buy the pattern as a PDF download on the Belle and Boo site: Windy Day Cross Stitch Pattern.

Here is my current progress:

Belle and Boo Windy Day Cross-Stitch project progress

So, you can see I’ve getting close to finishing the full stitching. Then I’ll just have lots of back stitching to do.

This is the third Belle and Boo project I’ve worked on. I really love these characters. The last one I completed a few years ago and shared the finished piece in this post.

The second project is a wedding sampler. I purchased this pattern not long after I got married and then never started it. I finally kitted it up last year and started with the idea that I would finish it for our tenth anniversary (!). Yeah…that didn’t happen either…

The pattern is “Together” by Imaginating. This is what it will look like when completed:

And, here is my progress so far:

I’ve completed about two thirds of the full stitches? Maybe a little more than that? But, there will be even more back stitching to complete in this project than in the Belle and Boo. Sigh. Backstitching is not my favorite thing to do, and yet I seem to be drawn to projects with lots of fine backstitched details…Maybe I will finish it in time for our 11th anniversary in October…

I’m not setting any other stitching goals for now, although I’d like to work on some smaller, quicker projects in addition to these bigger projects.

Do you have any stitching resolutions for this year?

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4 Responses to January 2021 WIPs

  1. Pam says:

    You do such beautiful work. And I’m so glad you are posting again, I’ve missed getting your posts the last couple of years. And I love the Christmas ornament from your last post – don’t want to be greedy or anything but I would love to have a handstitched ornament for my Christmas tree sometime and it doesn’t even have to be one as involved as the one you posted.

  2. claire93 says:

    two lovely projects, is a coincidence they’re both in shades of blue? I’ve got some back issues of Cross Stitch Crazy wth a few Belle & Boo designs I’ve been meaning to start!

    • Thanks! Yes, I noticed the similarity in colors, too. It’s a coincidence, but I’m definitely drawn to certain color schemes, and turquoise/teal colors are among my favorites. I’d love to see any Belle and Boo designs you decide to stitch! They are so cute. You won’t regret it.

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