More Progress on Belle and Boo Windy Day and Links Roundup

I, along with my students, survived the first week of spring semester. Beginning of the semester stress, coupled with an overcommitted schedule this past week, meant that I did not have as much time to stitch as I would have liked, but I did make some progress with Belle and Boo’s “Windy Day.”

Here’s where I am at now:

Belle and Boo Windy Day cross-stitch project

The leaves are all done, and I’ve completed the backstitching around Belle’s boots and her pants. You can see I am working on her mitten and the cuff of her sweater now. That mitten has a crazy amount of backstitching for such a tiny area.

It would be fun if I could complete all but her head by next week. That’s a doable goal, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t make it. I feel like I’d be jinxing myself if I start making promises about how much stitching I’ll be able to do this week.

In other news, I’ve started saving links again to share, so here are a few stitchy, crafty, bookish things I found noteworthy this week:

Finally, I have been telling everyone about this new song and video by Jon Batiste:

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. craftycreeky says:

    The back-stitching really brings it alive, lovely design.

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