Friday Finds–05/26/17

Friday Finds is my weekly round-up of needlework, textile, books and art links from my wanderings around the web.


I keep typing words here, and I keep deleting them. I’ll just say I’m going through a period of creative block. Hope to regroup, rest, and get back in the groove soon. Here are this week’s links:

Video of the Week

Farewell Ringling Bros. circus.


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Weekend Update

Hello all, this has been one of those freak weeks where I’ve had work and after-work commitments every day and night–including tonight and tomorrow! Now, most of these have been fun things, and things I volunteered to do, but I am exhausted. But, I didn’t want a week to slip by without a single update, so here we go. :)

I haven’t stitched at all this week, but I have made some progress on “All Shall Be Well” since my last update here. I’m only about halfway done, but it is already getting hard to photograph because it is getting so big. Ha! Here’s where I am at now:


I love how it is turning out, even if it is a more labor-intensive project than I had planned.

I also want to share this fab gift I received from my sister-in-law. She recently went to Paris and visited the Maison Sajou embroidery shop while there, and she sent me this beautiful assortment of thread cards. They are so unique! I love the different shapes and designs!


Finally, I wouldn’t post without including some links for your weekend reading! Here’s my roundup of interesting book, art, and needlework news for the week:


Video of the Week

This week I was heartbroken to learn of the death of musician Chris Cornell. Here he is just last month on CBS singing “The Promise.” He was donating all of the proceeds from the single to refugee relief efforts. RIP Chris.

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Weekend Links–05/13/17

Every week I share a round-up of needlework, textile, books and art links from my wanderings around the web. Here are this week’s links:


Video of the Week

I first heard this song yesterday afternoon on the radio, and I’ve listened to it at least 8 times since then. This may be my Summer 2017 anthem.

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WIP Weds: All Shall Be Well Progress

Time to show my progress on the “All Shall Be Well” cross-stitch project. I am dedicating my stitching time to this now, so I can complete it sometime this lifetime. Here is my overdue WIP Wednesday update.

WIP Wednesday logo

This is what “All Shall Be Well” looked like about a week or so ago when I pulled it out to start actively stitching it again:


Although I completed the initial letter “A” a while ago, I had not made much progress on the other lettering. So, time to get to work. After a couple stitching sessions, I made it this far:


Right now I am blocking in the lettering with the full and fractional stitches. At some point I will go back and finish the letters with the backstitching. I love the subtle gradations in the brown over-dyed thread from The Gentle Art that I am using for the lettering. Sometimes it is hard to see the color shifts up close when I am stitching, but they show up nicely from a distance.

Here is where things stand now:


Completing the first part of the saying feels like a small victory, and I am almost done with the second line. Then I will be stitching the third row under the initial “A,” and the piece will really start to look dramatic.

Happy Stitching!

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What I’m Reading–May 2017

Every month I share what books I finished last month and what I’m reading now. I also love to hear what others are reading. Share your own book recommendations in the comments or friend me on Goodreads!

What I'm Reading--May 2017

My “feast or famine” reading cycle continues this year. I finished a bunch of books in April, but now I’m in a reading slump again. Nothing appeals to me right now.

Finished in April

  • As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes. I listened to this in audiobook format, and it was wonderful. I don’t usually read celebrity books, but this was an exception worth making. No gossip or backstabbing; just fond memories and fun stories about the making of The Princess Bride film.
  • Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith by Diana Butler Bass. Completed this for my church book group. It did get me thinking about ways to revitalize our parish life.
  • The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore. I checked this out from the library on a whim. It was a quick read, but definitely for younger readers. Teenage love stories aren’t really my demographic anymore.
  • Universal Harvester by John Darnielle. This book was so good, but it is so weird and creepy and strange that I hesitate to recommend it. Read the synopsis. If it sounds intriguing, you won’t be disappointed.
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This was a re-read for me. I first read this book a few years ago. I love books about creativity and the creative process, and this is one of the better ones.

What I’m Reading Now

  • Truth Speaks to Power by Walter Brueggemann. To be honest, I haven’t started reading this yet, but it is the book group book this month for my church group.
  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is another re-read. I’m not ashamed to admit I kind of love this book. Gilbert provides the gentle kick in the pants I need to keep creating and showing up.

So, that’s what I’m reading these days. How about you?


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Weekend Links–05/06/17

Every week I share a round-up of needlework, textile, books and art links from my wanderings around the web. Here are this week’s links:

I was working late all this week. This past week was the last week of classes for the spring semester, and this coming week is finals week. The library has extended hours both weeks, and I drew the short straw again and had to work until 9pm. My normal routine was thrown off, and I got very little done this past week. Hope I can find my energy again soon.

Video of the Week

I’m not a designer purse kind of person, but this Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk from the late 19th century is pretty amazing.

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Only Those Who Risk — New Pattern Release!

A new digital cross-stitch pattern has been published in the Rabbit Girl Crafts Etsy shop!

only those who risk going too far -- t.s. eliot cross-stitch pattern

“Only those who risk going too far can find out how far one can go.” This cross-stitch pattern was adapted from a quote by poet and writer T. S. Eliot.

It has an outdoorsy yet modern color palette inspired by vintage travel posters. And, the pattern includes fun little details for explorers and adventurers of all kinds.

The pattern only uses 8 DMC thread colors and full cross-stitches (with a tiny bit of backstitching), so it is a quick stitch. It would also make a great gift for a new grad!

You can view the full pattern details here.

Use coupon code RISK20 to get 20% off until May 12, 2017.

Happy Stitching!



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New Pattern Preview: Only Those Who Risk

Slowly but surely I have been working on some new cross-stitch patterns for the Rabbit Girl Crafts shop. Here is a sneak peek of the next pattern!

preview of only those who risk rabbit girl crafts cross-stitch pattern

This fun little sampler uses only full cross-stitches and a little backstitch, so it should be a quick stitch. The quote is inspired by a quotation from poet and essayist T. S. Eliot, and it is perfect for adventurers, wanderers, and travelers of all kinds. It would also make a great graduation gift–just add the graduate’s name and graduation date at the bottom!

The pattern will be available in the Rabbit Girl Crafts Etsy shop later this week!

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Friday Finds–04/21/17

Friday Finds is my weekly round-up of needlework, textile, books and art links from my wanderings around the web.


I have been at a work conference the past two days, so not much stitching happening here, but it has been nice to break out of the work routine and meet some new people and learn some new things.

Here are this week’s links:

Video of the Week

Still exploring my musical adolescence on YouTube. This is “Being Simple” by The Judybats from 1993. I will admit I still listen to this album on a semi-regular basis.

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WIP Weds: A French Hen

I am still working on the “12 Days of Christmas” cross-stitch pattern by Satsuma Street. I am nearly finished with the French hen. Once I finish this square, I will probably put it aside for a bit again and return to my Julian of Norwich “All Shall Be Well” cross-stitch project.

WIP Wednesday logo

First, I finished the two turtle doves block:


Then I made a start on the 3 French hens square. In the pattern, however, there is only one hen. I started with his head and stitched his beret first. Of course the French hen is wearing a beret. :)


Then I started working my way down the hen, switching colors as I went:


I spent a good amount of time stitching over the Easter break, but I didn’t take progress photos as I went. This is what the hen looks like now:


Close to another mini-finish! Just need to stitch his feet and finish the two flowers, plus a couple other details such as his eye.

In other news, I am finishing a new cross-stitch pattern for my Etsy shop. I can’t wait to share a preview! Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching!

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