Hello and Welcome

My projects and ideas are spread all over my computer and the Internet. I realized it is about time I gathered my notes and photos and created a place to organize and share my craft projects.
I am a long-time cross-stitch enthusiast with more projects in my stash than I will ever complete in my lifetime. But, more recently I have started to get the urge to create my own designs. So, I may be sharing some simple charts here as I work out some ideas. I will also share other stitching WIPs and UFOs from my stash.

I am also a beginning weaver, so I may share some simple weaving projects from my Cricket loom or other small looms.

And, finally, I am trying to teach myself machine sewing, with help from my mother. I don’t envision myself sewing an entire wardrobe or anything too ambitious, but I would love to make some new curtains for the kitchen and other simple projects. So, we’ll see.

Your thoughts, opinions and tips are most welcome as I share this work with you! Thank you for visiting.

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