Collecting All the Colors

A couple weeks ago, I suddenly decided I needed to own every color of DMC embroidery floss — all 450+ of them. For some reason, my husband did not try to stop me.

As a budding designer, I justified it to myself as necessary to the design process. One simply cannot rely on a computer monitor or printed color card to understand how different colors of thread are actually going to work together in a pattern. I want to see the floss. I want to hold the skeins in my hand and compare the colors.

So, three trips to various craft stores and lots of coupons later, I have ended up with this:

Bags of DMC Floss photo by Alice Creason

I now am in the process of organizing all these threads in some useful way, so I can find what I need, when I need it. I will share my method of organization in a future post.

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