WIP – Anhinga Blues

This is a WIP that keeps threatening to turn into a UFO, but I am determined to finish it. All I have left is the backstitching, but there is a lot of it.

Anhinga Blues Cross-Stitch by Ikki Matsumoto

Here’s what it will look like when it’s completed:

Anhinga Pattern by Ikki Matsumoto

When I have shown people this project, usually the first question is, “What is an Anhinga?” If you are from Florida or around the Gulf Coast of the U.S., you know an Anhinga is a bird!

Here’s a great photo of one by Homer Edward Price found via Flickr:


I purchased this pattern years ago at Three Crafty Ladies on Sanibel Is., Florida. The pattern is adapted from the artwork of Florida artist Ikki Matsumoto, who I have just learned passed away last year.

You can still find some of the licensed cross-stitch designs on Etsy via RK Portfolio.

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6 Responses to WIP – Anhinga Blues

  1. Maia T. says:

    I lived in Louisiana for many years; I love anhingas. I miss them in the UK; we have some of their near relatives here, but they aren’t the same.

    • Alice C. says:

      I miss them, too. We don’t get them here in the Midwest either, although sometimes we see their cousins, like cormorants, during migrations.

      • Maia T. says:

        The are cormorants and shags (birds of many, many jokes) here; they’re similar superficially, but neither has that graceful, snakey neck, and while they do the spread-winged pose, neither seems to do it nearly as much.

  2. I had never heard of an Anhinga. What a beautiful bird! You should finish the stitching. It will make it even better. Great stitching.

  3. Xstitchbee says:

    Don’t give up! Once the back stitching is done you’ll be so pleased with it!

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