WIP Weds: Vintage Eggs, Memory Thread Heart and Celtic Knot

I have three active works in progress. Although the Vintage Eggs pieces are really eight separate items, I am sort of counting them as one set of items.

Last week I showed off the finished pig motif from the Vintage Eggs series and my start on the sheep. Unfortunately, I don’t have any finishes to share this week, but I have made some progress on the sheep:

Prairie Schooler Vintage Eggs CrossStitch Sheep

So one sheep is done, and I have made a good start on the second sheep.

Next up is the memory thread heart project. This was a project I started as part of a group class at one of my embroidery guild meetings. I finished the stitching a couple weeks ago, but I would like to complete it as a small decorative pillow. I have never pieced and sewed a pillow before, so this is going to be an experiment. But, while I have a sizable stash of needlework fabric, I have almost no sewing fabric stash. Consequently, I was thrilled and touched by the generosity of a follower, Gwen, on Instagram who sent me some lovely fabrics (and a lot of other goodies!) to help me out. She sent me the fabric and buttons below, which are perfect for finishing this heart project:


So, I am hoping to have time this weekend to measure and cut and sew and finish off this project! *Fingers crossed!*

Finally, I have started another small piece. I am stitching the Celtic knot pattern that I designed for an Altoids tin top. I need to get this stitched before Monday evening which is when I will be leading my tin topper finishing class for my guild meeting. So, yeah, I need to get busy on this one this week! But, it should be a quick stitch. Right now I just have the outline of the knot done:


That is where I am at on my projects this week. If all goes well, next week I should have some finishes to show off!

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  1. emmazocco says:

    I really love the fabrics you got! And the matching buttons are too cute! :) can’t wait to see the finished cushion

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