WIP Weds: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I haven’t shown any progress on my “12 Days of Christmas” cross-stitch project since the end of November! But, to be honest, I did not do a lot of stitching over the holidays. We were just too busy. But, I’m trying to plug away at it again, so it’s about time for an update!

WIP Wednesday logo

I had not gotten very far with the first block, depicting the partridge in a pear tree, in my last update, but here is how it has shaped up over the past month.

First, the partridge starts to appear:

partridge cross-stitch

Next, I mostly finished the bird, except for its eye:


Then I started filling in the leaves and working on the pears in the tree.


And, now I finally have finished this first block:

partridge in a pear tree cross-stitch

So, the partridge in a pear tree is completed. One down and eleven more to go. I have started stitching the red frame for the next block, and I might even do days two and three together, so I might stitch the frames for both blocks.

I think it might go faster if I work on more than one block at a time because there are so many little color changes within each block, and it would help if I wasn’t having to change my thread color every 30 minutes.


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