WIP Weds: All Shall Be Well, Part 1,000

Backstitching is happening here on the “All Shall Be Well” cross-stitch quotation.

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Once upon a time, I didn’t like to do backstitching. I thought it was tedious and boring. But, it makes such a difference in a project.

Here is a close-up of some of the lettering in the “All Shall Be Well” project with the backstitches completed:


Close-up the effect is subtle. The letters are more defined, but maybe it doesn’t seem like a huge difference.

But, I think the difference is more striking from a distance. Here is the full piece with the partially finished backstitching:


The finished letters pop off the fabric from a distance.

I have gotten to the point in the project where I have started bargaining with myself in the evenings while stitching — “Just one more letter before I have to get ready for bed…No, I can finish this word–then I can brush my teeth…” Ha! I can’t wait to finish this now.

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6 Responses to WIP Weds: All Shall Be Well, Part 1,000

  1. Emma says:

    You are so right about backstitching, it really makes a huge difference! Looking really good and you’re almost there!

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  3. Pam says:

    Big difference with the back stitching. Also I have the same conversation with myself while sewing- just one more block…….

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