Weekend Reading — 10/30/15

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

“The specialized needlework known as tally is unique to rural Upper Egypt and dates back hundreds of years. But it began disappearing in the last century and is at risk of going the way of so many handicrafts, now mass-produced by machine.”

Read about how Egypt is trying to save its folk art traditions.

Fine Cell Work teaches needlework to prisoners in the UK. The Huffington Post UK has an in-depth article about the organization’s work. They produce some really stunning cushions and other work which you can buy online.

My local EGA chapter was recently profiled in the Chicago Tribune! Huge congratulations to everyone mentioned in the article.

Wallpaper alerted me to contemporary Native American artist Jeffrey Gibson whose amazing work includes beaded and woven wall hangings. You can see more of his work at the Marc Straus Gallery website, where Gibson has a new exhibit.

Video of the Week

I’m honoring Halloween this week with this classic animated short. From Disney’s Silly Symphonies, this is “The Skeleton Dance” from 1929. Enjoy!

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