Weekend Reading — 11/6/15

My weekly roundup of links to things that caught my attention this week:

I saw lots of excellent finishes this week on blogs across the web, but Andrea posted a huge number of beautiful finishes at The Craft Room. I love seeing how she finished the “Peace” ornament by Hands on Design.

And, speaking of beautiful finishes, Hilary at Crazy as a Loom shows off a gorgeous tunic she made from her handwoven fabric. Plus, she shares photos of her awesome weaving space. Jealous!

I read Art & Fear a few years ago, but obviously I need to read it again because I missed this lesson, too.

This Nigerian weaver wove his entire car in raffia. Got to see it to believe it.

This weekend is SOFA in Chicago at Navy Pier.

Video of the Week

This week’s video is “Problems Only Book Lovers Understand” with Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton. The part where the light goes off made me LOL because my office in my old job had a light-saving feature and I would be sitting at my desk working and all of a sudden the light would go out and I would have to wave my arms around like mad to trigger the sensor to turn the light back on. Fun times.

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