2015 in Books…er, Magazines

I wanted to do a crafty book round-up for this year, but then I looked back on the books I finished this year and realized I didn’t read a single art or craft related book. How is that even possible?

I feel like I read a lot of crafty things this year because I subscribe to a lot of magazines which I don’t count as part of my reading for the year. Digital subscriptions have enabled me to indulge my magazine habit like never before. I can subscribe to as many titles as I’d like and never have to worry about stacks and stacks of magazines accumulating in the house. Zinio has been both a blessing and a curse.

So, here are some of the stitching and artsy titles I subscribe to right now:



CrossStitcher I like for its focus on trendy, modern designs. Issues tend to be filled with bright colors and bold graphics.


Cross Stitch Collection

Cross Stitch Collection has more complex designs than CrossStitcher and the designs tend be more traditional and conservative.


Just CrossStitch

This bi-monthly U.S. magazine is most well known for its annual ornament issue, but every issue features exclusive patterns by well-known designers. And, despite the title of the publication, this magazine includes much more than “just cross-stitch,” with patterns that employ a wide variety of needlework and embroidery techniques.

And, last but not least, I have to mention:


The World of Interiors

I fell in love with The World of Interiors when I started working at a design school library that subscribed to it. The photography, the stories, the history, the architecture, the art & antiques–I cannot overstate how inspiring and beautiful this publication is. This is a British magazine, and the print subscription cost for a U.S. subscriber is very expensive. I got hooked on digital magazines when I realized I could afford the much lower digital subscription price. It’s still a splurge, but this is the one magazine I would not give up.

So, I read dozens of art and needlework magazines this year, even though I didn’t read any crafty books. But, I have a ton of creative books on my to-read pile, so here’s to next year.

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  1. I think reading crafty magazines counts ;) Looking forward to my issue of JCS. The other magainzes are wonderful, too, but my local Joann stores don’t seem to be carrying them as much or I get there way too late. I know I have missed a lot of good ones.

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