Weekend Reading–12/12/15

Next week is the finals week at the university where I work, and this past week the library was packed with students finishing papers and projects for their classes. I’m exhausted, but this week I have a lot of fun stuff to share for your weekend reading:

Satsuma Street has a simple embroidery hoop framing tutorial.

The Surface Design Association picks their 20 favorite textile books of 2015. Slow Stitch by Claire Wellesley-Smith got added to my wishlist. 

Carina is posting some hilarious Tiny Santa photos on her Instagram account.

Little Treasures has a tutorial for a beautiful embroidered fabric necklace inspired by Macedonian folk costume.

I fell off the exercise wagon this year, so I can totally relate to Summer Pierre’s comic about trying to restart a habit.

Cathy Habermann of Hands on Design tells a story about collaborating with chalk artist Priscilla for a new series of cross-stitch patterns for Just CrossStitch magazine.

“We often think that building an art career requires sacrifice… But are you really sacrificing these things when you’d rather be making art and sharing your gift with the world?” This article by Alyson Stanfield was like a punch to the gut.

Video of the Week

Matt Harding is building peace on earth one dance at a time. If you can watch this without crying, well, then you’re made of sterner stuff than me.

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