WIP Weds: A (Very) Little Progress

Blah. The past week has been busy, so I don’t have a lot of progress to show from last week. I was hoping to finish the memory thread heart project, but that has not happened yet. I did finish stitching the heart, but I still have to manipulate and couch the memory thread. So, here is where the project stands now:


I do like the way the variation in the color turned out. The heart was stitched using a Weeks Dye Works thread, but unfortunately I don’t know exactly what colorway it is because the project was kitted up for me as part of the guild workshop I took.

And, I was hoping to have finished the flowers in the vase motif from The Prairie Schooler “Vintage Eggs” series, but I barely got any stitching done on it at all:


I finished all of the red stitches for the flowers, but other than that…I may work on it a bit more tonight as I am writing this on Tuesday evening, so the goal is to finish it before next week’s update!



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4 Responses to WIP Weds: A (Very) Little Progress

  1. The heart’s shading looks great!

    • Alice C. says:

      Thanks! I stitched it in a random pattern so it wouldn’t get the stripes you would usually get if I had just stitched each row straight across.

  2. I had never thought of sewing randomly to avoid the stripes… Thank you for sharing this 😆

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