Linky links from my wanderings around the web this week:

Do you ever railroad your stitches? The Copper Fox shows stitchers how to get nice, even stitches using the railroading technique.

Hungarian artist Agnes Herczeg is making some amazing sculptures using lace techniques.

Jenni Dutton’s Dementia Darnings series of large-scale embroidered portraits are powerful and emotional. Find out how the series started and then view the portraits here.

The new MetKids website is not just for kids. Warning! You may lose track of all time while on this site.

The Selvedge blog has a brief history of embroidered Victorian Valentines cards.

Snowflower Diaries released the March pattern for its free year-long SAL.

Video of the Week

OK Go made my week by releasing a new video this week shot in zero gravity. These guys continue to bring joy, fun and a spirit of play to their craft. It doesn’t hurt that their music is a lot of fun to listen to, too.

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6 Responses to Findings–2/12/16

  1. AmyE says:

    Railroading has become natural to me. I can really tell the difference if I don’t.

  2. Claire says:

    I started Railroading after getting my first Joan Elliott chart book because she mentioned how she uses it to get nice even top stitches. I have really gone to town on the Railroading with my HAED’s. I Tent stitch those with 2 strands of thread. I think it gives a better coverage than full X’s in 1 strand. Also I think it looks neater. But each to their own. lol

  3. I have railroaded here and there. I fully railroaded a small piece and while the stitches do seem to lay a bit flatter, the difference is not enough to make me railroad a large project. Too time consuming.

    • Alice C. says:

      Yes, I am already a slow stitcher, and that’s the main reason I don’t consistently railroad either–because it takes even more time to do each stitch.

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