WIP Weds: Vintage Eggs and Memory Thread

More progress on “Vintage Eggs” by The Prairie Schooler this week. Between being sick over the weekend and the Super Bowl, I got a lot of stitching done.

I finished this bunny from the set:


And, I made good headway on this vase of flowers:


You can see previous updates on Vintage Eggs here and here.

On Monday I mentioned that I had started a project using DMC Memory Thread. It’s not really a thread, but rather it’s a length of fiber-wrapped wire. You don’t stitch with it. Instead, it lays on the fabric and you couch it in place using a strand of embroidery floss in a coordinating color. So, I started this freebie project from DMC along with some others in my local embroidery guild group. I have not gotten very far, but maybe I will push myself to finish it now. It will have a heart with the word “love” spelled out in memory thread underneath. Although it’s perfect for St. Valentine’s Day, I don’t know if I can finish it by Sunday! Here’s where I’m at now:


We have an “L”!

The memory thread is fiddly to work with, and, somewhat like metallic threads, you have to make sure the ends don’t shred and the fiber wrapping starts unwinding and all you have left is a length of copper wire. But, I will keep at it.

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4 Responses to WIP Weds: Vintage Eggs and Memory Thread

  1. fawn says:

    That bunny is cute. I like his sideways glance. Eeek… memory thread sounds difficult! Looks like you got the hang of it though!

  2. emmazocco says:

    Love the eggs! This memory thread looks like a pain to work with but the L looks pretty awesome!

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