WIP Wednesday: Vintage Eggs

So, instead of finishing one of my UFOs, like the long-neglected Anhinga Blues, I have started a new project–Vintage Eggs by Prairie Schooler.

Prairie Schooler Vintage Eggs

Partly I think I wanted to start something spring-like as an antidote to the winter weather. But, I am also hoping maybe I can finish some of these before this Easter, which would be fun.

I am stitching them on 18ct. black Aida, which is the recommended fabric. I have completed the stitching on the duck and have started the rooster. Here is my progress so far:

Prairie Schooler Vintage Eggs Duck


Prairie Schooler Vintage Eggs Rooster

You can also follow my progress on Instagram!



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9 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Vintage Eggs

  1. Very cute new project! Isn’t it nice starting a new project? And a Spring one at that. I am so ready to start a new project, but am resisting so far :) I will enjoy watching you stitch all those cute eggs. The first 2 are looking great! Can’t wait to see how you finish them.

  2. LucyCrafter says:

    I love this project! It always makes me feel so productive when I do a series of little ornaments or small framed items. I love working on 18ct as I think the smaller stitches make it look so delicate and almost painted. Your work is beautiful!

  3. These are super cute :) I love all your patterns, thank you for following my blog, only just started but means a lot to me :) thank you xxx

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