WIP Weds: Heart Pillow Finished; Progress on Sheep

Here is an update on my cross-stitch projects, including the grand finale of the DMC Memory Thread heart project and the latest progress on the Prairie Schooler “Vintage Eggs” cross-stitch patterns.

This past Saturday I had some time to dust off the sewing machine and finish my memory thread heart project. I finished stitching it a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to turn it into a small pillow.

I will admit that while I have a good sized needlework fabric stash, I have almost no sewing fabric stash. This is a problem when I want to sew a finish. I posted about my dilemma on Instagram, and a very kind person, Gwen from Florida, actually sent me an amazing package in the mail, including the perfect fabric for this project.

So, I finally had some time this past weekend to figure out how I was going to pull this off. I trimmed the stitched piece, cut the fabric, and sewed the stitched piece and the front-side fabric together. Then I added the rick rack trim, and I cheated a little bit because I did not sew the trim to the fabric. Instead, I used a bit of hem tape (like this stuff) and ironed the rick rack to the fabric. Then I sewed the front side to the backside fabric, turned it right-side out, stuffed it with polyfil and hand-sewed the gap closed. And, here is the result:

DMC Memory Thread Heart Pillow

Front Side

DMC Memory Thread Heart Pillow

Back Side


I am not much of a sewist. I have huge admiration and respect for quilters because that is just not a skill I possess. But, overall I am very happy with how the pillow turned out!

I also picked up my Prairie Schooler “Vintage Eggs” project again. I am still working on the sheep, but now the sheep are done and I just need to stitch a few extra details. So, this one should be done soon:

Prairie Schooler Vintage Eggs Sheep Cross-Stitch

That’s it for this week. I hope to have the sheep done for next week and to have a start on the last “Vintage Egg” I have left to stitch in the series.


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9 Responses to WIP Weds: Heart Pillow Finished; Progress on Sheep

  1. AmyE says:

    Your pillow and sheep turned out beautifully! The memory thread looks like fun; I have a few skeins but haven’t gotten around to using it for any of my projects because I still have no clue how to use it! :)

  2. chellie88 says:

    That fabric is really amazing, and your pillow looks so good! I love the sparkly ribbon at the top too, the whole thing is just super cute. Great job!

  3. Loving the sheep. Great job on the finish!

  4. Aw, the pillow turned out so sweet! I love it and the colors are wonderful! Great job! The sheep are adorable, too.

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