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Findings is my weekly round-up of links from my wanderings around the web each week. This week there’s a couple of last-minute Easter craft projects, Lizzie Kate shares her cross-stitch design process, and more…

You still have time to make this adorable fabric Easter bunny before Sunday.

Design Sponge has a step-by-step tutorial for embroidering eggs.

These tiny crochet animals by Vietnamese makers SuAmi are incredible! Tiny squirrels!

Cross-stitch designer Lizzie Kate (aka Linda Ebright) shares some insights into her design process. This is just the first in what will be a series of posts. So cool!

This post by Dave Kellett, creator of the Sheldon web comic, made me cry this week. Be sure to view the image at the end, too. Spread some kindness today.

I just started reading The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman and it really has me thinking about women and our lack of self-confidence. So, this post by Leo Babauta connected with me, too. He says, “Be aware of the fear, don’t let yourself act on it, explore it with curiosity, and do your important work anyway.”

Video of the Week

This video is related to the theme of confidence and fear and just allowing yourself to be a beginner and continue doing the work you love to do…

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