WIP Weds: Drawing Pocket Watches and a New Start

This week is finals week at the university where I work. The library is open 24 hours during finals, and I am working the overnight shifts. I’m not really a late-night person, so working from 10:30pm to 7am has been challenging to say the least, although the hardest part is trying to sleep during the day. I have two more nights of this, but in the meantime I have been doing a little stitching.

I did start a new project. Here is where I am currently at:

Let go and let God cross-stitch design

This is another original design that will eventually read “Let go and let God.” There will be some back-stitching around the lettering above, too, but I am happy with it so far.

Next, I have started charting another design based on “Alice in Wonderland.” This one will feature a quote and some motifs inspired by the White Rabbit. I sketched multiple pocket watch designs, and I still cannot decide which one to use. I have narrowed it down to these two:

sketches for the White Rabbit's pocket watch

I prefer the one on the right because I like the perspective and the three-dimensional feel of it. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture depth in a design rather than just a flat motif. But, we shall see how it works out in the actual pattern.

I have not made any progress on “Anhinga Blues” in the past week, but I may try to pick it up again and work on it a bit in rotation with “Let Go” above.


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  1. emmazocco says:

    I really like the one on the right, I love that it has a little heart on it as well :)

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