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My sense of the passing of the days is really off this week. I have been working overnight shifts all week because the university library where I work is open 24 hours during finals.

Staying up all night hasn’t really been the issue. The real challenge is getting any kind of quality sleep during the day. I draped a bath towel over the curtain rod on the bedroom window to help block out the light, and wearing a sleep mask helped, too, but I still slept fitfully, woken up by the sounds of daily life–a neighbor’s lawnmower, traffic noises, my husband coming home from work, kids laughing and talking outside as they walked home from school.

But, when this post goes live, I will be heading home from my last overnight shift. Then I will try to sleep for a couple hours before staying up the rest of Friday so I can try to get back on a normal sleep schedule. Wish me luck.

Here are this week’s links:

Video of the Week

I heart Michael Franti, and I never get tired of listening to this song.

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3 Responses to Findings–5/6/16

  1. Hi Alice,

    These are awesome links! Some of them, though, are not available any more; for some reasons the post is dated 2016 but some of the comments from 2013 so I am assuming it is a re-publish or update? Anyway – I got to the Apple Store (I am using and iPad for cross stitching) and found some gems, thanks to you – thanks so much!

    • Alice C. says:

      Ah, good catch. I did not notice that it was a re-published older post. I’m sorry to hear some of the apps are no longer available. :(

  2. Sorry – of course I meant the Mr X link with a roundup of 12 mobile apps for stitchers.

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