Progress on I’m Late and Liberty Stars

What a difference a week makes! I have updates on two of my needlework projects for this week’s WIP Wednesday report, and I have made visible progress on both. I love looking back at the previous week’s post to see how much I’ve accomplished since then.

Last week I was working on the White Rabbit’s pocketwatch on the “I’m Late” Alice in Wonderland-inspired cross-stitch pattern. Now I have nearly finished the pocketwatch except for some backstitching on the face of the watch, and I have completed all of the lettering. I still have to stitch the motifs on the bottom right. It will be a fan and a pair of gloves. I may be able to finish this one by next week if I dedicate myself to it.

Alice in Wonderland White rabbit inspired cross-stitch pattern

I also made some serious progress on Liberty Stars this week. Last week I had barely tacked the canvas to the stretcher bars, and here is my progress this week:

progress on Liberty Stars counted canvaswork

I love this pattern, and I love this project, but is it weird to say I’m a little disappointed by how fast it is stitching up? I love counted canvas projects because I want a little challenge. It’s nice to get out of the cross-stitch rut every now and then. Although I love Liberty Stars and I don’t regret working on it for a minute, I’m not finding it very challenging. I did a poor job of estimating the complexity of the design because even though the finished design is lovely, it is largely made up of one kind of stitch. And, the slanted gobelin stitches cover a lot of ground with little effort. But, as I said, I still love this project. I’ll just be finishing it a lot faster than I thought, which isn’t a terrible thing!

I have not started the Belle & Boo project yet, but I did buy some more floss today for it. When I was kitting it up last week I found I was nearly out of some of the colors, so now I should be all set. If I finish “I’m Late” or “Liberty Stars” this week, maybe I will start on Belle & Boo.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing what you’re working on!

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  1. Emma says:

    You did so much progress on both projects! It’s looking great :)

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