A Finish and New Starts

Although I do not feel like I did a lot of stitching this past week, I have a lot to share for this week’s WIP Wednesday update.

First, I have a finish to share! Remember “Anhinga Blues“? I finally buckled down and did all that backstitching, and now it is done! Here it is in all its wrinkled glory right after I took it out of the hoop:

Florida bird cross stitch pattern by RK Portfolio

I still need to wash and finish it, but I am so glad this is no longer in the UFO pile. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I feel silly for having avoided the backstitching for so long because once I started it, the stitching went much faster than I had anticipated.

Next, I printed the draft of my Alice in Wonderland White rabbit-inspired cross-stitch pattern, which I am tentatively calling “I’m Late,” and made a start on stitching the model:

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-inspired cross-stitch pattern

You can see the White Rabbit’s pocketwatch starting to take shape on the left. This is the same pocketwatch I previewed in sketch form a little over a month ago. I was trying to go for some subtle shading on the face of the watch, but I am torn between thinking the shade I chose is a little too close to the off-white and doesn’t provide enough contrast and thinking that I like how subtle it is. Maybe I will feel differently after I add the backstitching.

Third, I kitted up a Belle & Boo cross-stitch pattern from CrossStitcher magazine. This is my second Belle & Boo project, although I don’t think I’ve ever shared photos of my first Belle & Boo. Must correct that soon because it is one of my favorite finishes! Here it is kitted up:

Starting a New Belle & Boo Cross-Stitch Project

I won’t be sharing many photos of this one in progress because it may end up being a gift. So, this is all you get for now. :)

Finally, (I told you I’ve been busy this week!) I also ordered and received a counted canvas kit from From Nancy’s Needle. I love her designs so much. She taught a class for one of my needlework guilds that I took a couple years ago. I loved working on that project, and I’ve been itching to do another counted canvas piece, so this was a little belated birthday gift for myself (my birthday was about 3 weeks ago). The pattern is called “Liberty Stars.” Here is the kit:


I have put the stretcher bars together and tacked the canvas to the bars since this photo was taken.

Next week I hope to have lots more progress photos! Stay tuned!

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8 Responses to A Finish and New Starts

  1. claire93 says:

    well done on your finish, backstitch does wonders to bring a project to life ^^

  2. Debbierose says:

    Congrats on the finish. The turtles are totally rad!

  3. Congrats on the finish! It looks beautiful! Love the colors. I also love the colors in your Belle & Boo project. Very pretty.

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