A New Start This Week

After finishing stitching the Liberty Stars counted canvas piece last week, I took a break from stitching for a few days.

Saturday my husband and I went bike riding along the Centennial Trail which runs along a strip of land with the Des Plaines River on one side and the Sanitary and Ship Canal on the other. It was a perfect day for riding — not too hot and very little wind.

Sunday we got sidetracked when our cat, Chi, decided it would be a good idea to eat some yarn I had accidentally left out. She had eaten over 12 inches of yarn before I realized what she was doing and stopped her. This was around 3pm. I called our vet who recommended that we take her to the emergency vet to try to induce vomiting. So, we bundled Chi into her carrier and drove out to Mokena. Chi was not able to throw up the yarn, so they called in another vet who performed an endoscopy on Chi and they were able to get the yarn out her stomach. We were able to pick Chi up around 9pm after the anesthesia wore off and they were confident that she was doing well again.

It was a stressful few hours, but Chi is back to her usual self now and acts as if nothing happened at all. Sigh. Here is Chi last night helping me with my stitching:

Chi helps me stitch

No more yarn for you, Chi!

I did manage a new start this week. You can see glimpses of the pattern above. It is from CrossStitcher magazine. I have a digital subscription to the magazine so the pattern pages are printed from my Zinio desktop app.

Here is where I am at now:

Belle and Boo start

This is sort of a “secret” project so I probably won’t be showing many updates on this one until it is completed and given to the recipient.

I will be picking up some other projects, though, so hopefully I will have some new things to share next week.

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8 Responses to A New Start This Week

  1. AmyE says:

    So glad Chi is ok! Great start!

  2. Christina says:

    Glad Chi is ok too! She’s adorable!!
    Also, great needle minder :) Perfect for your blog.

    • Alice C. says:

      Thanks! I got the needleminder on Etsy from a shop called CraftersWaypoint. She has a whole bunch of book-related ones. Of course I had to get Alice in Wonderland! :)

  3. Glad your kitty is ok! Yesterday mine wouldn’t leave my bag of knitting alone despite all my efforts. When I lifted up the bag and looked at it from the bottom, there was a garden spider the size of a quarter in it. DS thankfully carefully dumped it out and took care of the spider so now my bag is being left alone again after one quick inspection this morning. Naturally the cat was praised. :)

  4. pamela creason says:

    Your secret project is intriguing.
    Re: Chi. Glad all worked out. They have a way of getting into everything.

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