WIP Weds: Two More Petals Completed

Last week I only had two flower petals of my stumpwork embroidery project finished after several weeks of agonizing. Now I am on a roll, and I have stitched two more flower petals in just one week.

four stumpwork embroidery flower petals stitched

I only need to stitch one more petal for the pattern I am using. Woo hoo. I should have no problem completing the last flower petal before the end of the week.

I still need to stitch the background, though. Whoops. I should probably get on that. I will not have anything to which to attach my little flower petals if I don’t get the background stitched.

The background is tiny — less than three inches in diameter. I am going to try to follow the stitch and thread suggestions in the pattern.

I’m not sure if I will attempt the covered beads, though. Most likely I will add some beads for the read berries, but I’m not sure if I will wrap them with floss. We shall see.

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2 Responses to WIP Weds: Two More Petals Completed

  1. Crazyqstitcher says:

    Your leaves are looking great, Alice. Your flower will be finished soon, at this rate.

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