What I’m Reading — October 2016

What I'm Reading Monthly Book Roundup

I finished five books in September. No wonder I haven’t gotten much stitching done recently.

Finished in September

  • The Pilgrim of Hate by Ellis Peters. This is the tenth book in the Brother Cadfael series, and it may be one of my favorites so far. After finishing this one, however, I took a break from Cadfael.
  • The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood. I wanted to like this book about a woman who joins a local library’s book club and the “power of literature to heal” (or so says the jacket copy), but I saw the plot twists coming a mile away and I just couldn’t relate to the characters or their problems.
  • Jabbok by Kee Sloan. Read this one for my church book group. I had never heard of it before we picked it to read for the group. It had some great bits, and I cried like an idiot at the end, but there were parts that didn’t work, too. A somewhat uneven novel, but worthwhile.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I picked up this childhood favorite on a whim and read it in an afternoon. It’s funny how much I remembered of the story.
  • The True Adventures of Nicolo Zen by Nicholas Christopher. Nicholas Christopher is one of my favorite living authors. His novels Veronica and A Trip to the Stars are among my favorites. This novel is aimed at younger readers, and it includes some of his trademark magical realism, but it lacked the complexity of his other novels and the ending seemed rushed.

What I’m Reading Now

What are you reading?

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