WIP Weds Stitching Progress

I have had very little time to stitch these past couple weeks, so I only have a small amount of progress to show on the “All Shall Be Well” Julian of Norwich cross-stitch pattern. I am still working on the medieval-styled initial letter A, but I am getting closer to a finish.

In the photo below I have finished the gold background except for a few details around the leaves and flowers.  But, I started on the leaves which look like weirdly shaped green blobs at the moment.

medieval-style initial A cross-stitch

Then I finished the green bits for the leaves. The blank squares near the leaves are where the rest of the gold background needs to be filled in. But, I have gone ahead and started on the flowers.

medieval-style cross-stitch letter A progress

The plan is to finish the flowers, then finish the gold background details, and then complete the backstitching, which will tie it all together.

So, let’s hope I can carve out some time for myself in the next few days. (Not too likely, but we’ll see…)

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  1. Looking great! Every stitch counts :)

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