Sneak Peek at Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-Inspired Cross-Stitch Design

This week I have a sneak peek to share of the completed Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-inspired cross-stitch pattern, “I’m Late.” This is the second in a series of cross-stitch patterns inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I do have ideas for additional patterns to add to the series, but I may take a little break from Alice after this to work on some other ideas.

Last week I had made some progress on the model and I was hoping to finish it in time for this week’s WIP Wednesday update. I am happy to report that I have finished it! Here is the completed project, just out of my hoop:

I'm Late: An Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Inspired Cross-Stitch Pattern

I need to make some minor adjustments to the pattern and correct a couple errors. I did change one color as I was stitching and I might add some additional back-stitching around the fan. By next week I hope to have the pattern completed and published. We’ll see.

Because I did work diligently on “I’m Late,” I did not make much progress on the “Liberty Stars” counted canvaswork project by From Nancy’s Needle. Here is where it currently stands:


I only completed one additional mini star since last week.

Next week we should see more progress on “Liberty Stars,” a publication release of the “I’m Late” pattern, and maybe even a start on Belle & Boo.


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3 Responses to Sneak Peek at Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-Inspired Cross-Stitch Design

  1. Congrats on the Alice finish. Turned out lovely! Liberty Stars looks so awesome! Looks like some tedious work there. Love how it looks.

    • Alice C. says:

      Thank you! And, yes, regarding Liberty Stars. I wouldn’t go as far as to say tedious, but it is definitely repetitive! I barely have to refer to the pattern while stitching it. 😊

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