WIP Weds: Progress on All Shall Be Well

Over the past week, I spent some time stitching the “All Shall Be Well” Julian of Norwich cross-stitch pattern.

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When I stitch, I prefer to start at the top left of a pattern and work my way across and down. So, with “All Shall Be Well,” I am starting with the large initial letter “A” in the top left.

Last week I had barely started the top of the A, but now the project is starting to look like something!

In the first photo below started stitching the background yellow color, but then I switched to stitching the dark blue of the letter itself. I decided it would be easier to stitch the letter and then go back and fill in the other details.

initial letter A progress


In the second photo, I finished the dark blue of the left “leg” of the illuminated manuscript-style letter A and I am starting to make my way down the right leg of the letter.

medieval illuminated manuscript letter A cross-stitch pattern


And, here is where I am at as of Tuesday night as I write this:

letter A progress All Shall Be Well Julian of Norwich cross-stitch pattern


I completed all of the darker blue and now I am filling in the lighter blue highlights in the letter.

In my other projects, I have not made any new progress on the “12 Days of Christmas” pattern by Satsuma Street.

New Color Palette and Free Pattern Coming Soon

Next week I plan to feature a new stitchy color palette along with a free pattern to stitch just in time for St. Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Jill says:

    That’s interesting that you start from the top left. I always start stitching in the centre!

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