WIP Weds: Two Turtle Doves

Time for a WIP Wednesday update on my current needlework projects.

This past week I made some progress on the “12 Days of Christmas” cross-stitch pattern by Satsuma Street. Instead of stitching them as separate ornaments, I am stitching all twelve as one sampler.

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I did not post an update last week because I had made so little progress, but I made some time to stitch the past few days and now I am nearly finished with the two turtle doves.

After stitching the heads of the birds, I stitched their bodies because they were nice big blocks of a single color.


Next, I started stitching the wings of the doves:


I’ve got to say that the colors in this pattern are pretty far outside my comfort zone. I would never have thought to combine some of these colors together. It works, I think, but Satsuma Street uses a color palette that can take some getting used to.

But, then I finished the wings and continued by stitching the tails of the doves since they used the same colors. Finally, I started stitching the green stems of the plant stems in the scene.


I am close to a mini-finish! Once I complete the two turtle doves, I plan to dive right into the three French hens in the next box.

Thanks for reading! Happy Stitching!

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  1. Emma says:

    Those colours are so bold! But you’re right, they work well together :) lovely stitching

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