WIP Weds: Christmas Ornaments Progress

I have been doing some stitching around here even though I did not get a chance to post any cross-stitch updates last week. I’m still working on the “Evergreen” chart by The Prairie Schooler. They are a fun group of ornaments that use a limited color palette and stitch up fast.

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A couple of weeks ago I was still working on the dove of peace ornament. I did get that one finished last week. Here it is:


The white does not show up very well in the photos because of the oatmeal color of the fabric. I do wish I had chosen a darker fabric, but…live and learn. It does look a little better in person, but the details do disappear into the fabric.

After finishing the dove, I decided to start on the fox ornament. Here was my start:


Partly I wanted to stitch something with less white. I love the bright, bold red that is used in this pattern.

Because the fox is red all over, he stitched up pretty fast:


Then I started on the details in the fox, including his eyes, ears, and feet, but I ran out of thread with only three stitches left in his second foot!


I tried to make that last little bit of thread stretch, but I just couldn’t make it. I do have more 3371, but I thought it was funny that this was my stopping point.

I expect to have this little guy finished in no time. But, I’m still not sure how I want to finish the ornaments. I don’t know if I want to do a flat finishing or pillow-style. I haven’t done any pillow ornaments in awhile…we’ll see.



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  1. kathyreeves says:

    You might want to outline your dove with a light gray or beige. You might like it much better in the end. These will be a lovely set foot the tree!

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