Finished Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments

So, I have not had much time for stitching recently, but I did have to finish some pieces in order to turn them in for my local embroidery guild for the guild’s annual holiday display at the community center where we meet.

I ended up finishing four Prairie Schooler ornaments from the “Evergreen” chart that I have been stitching.

First, here is the deer from that set that I finished stitching about a week ago:

Prairie Schooler cross-stitch deer Christmas ornament

I think he’s cute, but I know some folks don’t care for the, er, point-of-view.

After I finished stitching the deer, I had four pieces from the Prairie Schooler chart completed. Here are the four cross-stitch pieces I decided to finish into ornaments last weekend:

four Prairie Schooler Evergreen Christmas ornaments

My guild requests that every member contribute at least three pieces to the annual display, so I was happy I completed enough stitching to be able to finish a little over the minimum.

I decided to do a simple flat-backed finishing with felt, which is how The Prairie Schooler often finishes the ornaments in the chart photos. It’s really quick to do, and it looks nice. I trimmed the fabric, cut out my templates from matte board, laced and glued everything together, let it sit overnight, and ended up with these finished ornaments:

Prairie Schooler Evergreen cross-stitch Christmas ornaments

I love how they turned out, and I turned them in at my guild meeting this past week for the display. That’s the only thing that makes me sad — although I’m glad they’ll be in the display, I’m sad that I won’t be able to enjoy them on my own Christmas tree this year.

I am going ahead and stitching the rest of the ornaments from the set, though. Here is my start on the other Santa in the group from the “Evergreen” chart:

Santa cross-stitch start

I don’t know if I’ll get any finished into ornaments in time to hang on my tree this year, but we’ll see.

I would also like to make some progress on my boutis scissors case. I did buy a couple of thimbles, but I have not had a chance to try them yet. I hope to share those adventures in a future post.

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8 Responses to Finished Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments

  1. Anita says:

    The ornaments look so pretty with the felt finishing! ❀

  2. Catherine says:

    Such pretty ornaments. I love the way you have finished them, well done! They will look lovely on next year’s tree 😊

  3. Christina says:

    Very cute! I like that shade of red too 😁

  4. Such a lovely post, ornaments are one of my favorite parts of the season! We detailed some of our faves of the year on our blog:

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