WIP Weds: Let Go, Let God Finished

I finished stitching my “Let go and let God” cross-stitch pattern over Memorial Day weekend, and I am really happy with how it turned out:

Let Go and Let God Cross-Stitch Sampler


I’ve already received some really nice feedback on the pattern, and a couple of people have asked if it will be for sale. The answer is “Yes!” This pattern will be available on Etsy in the near future–as soon as I get some things wrangled on the back-end. Stay tuned here and/or on my Instagram for that announcement. I plan to release the “Let go and let God” pattern as well as the Alice in WonderlandRaven and the Writing Desk” pattern I completed in April, and I am working on additional patterns, too, including another Alice in Wonderland-inspired sampler. This is just the beginning of the journey.

On Instagram, @ambitiousstitches has started a summer stitching challenge (which can also be a winter stitching challenge, as one of my Australian followers pointed out!). The challenge is to spend an hour doing some stitchy activity every day. So, today I pulled out my trusty old WIP, “Anhinga Blues” and finished backstitching one of the sea turtles:


I am hoping this challenge will motivate me to complete some of these unfinished projects.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!




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  1. I love the God pattern! I’m sure there will be a lot of takers when it goes on sale :) And great progress on your summer stitching! :)

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    That looks great!

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